What is CX?

Skycoin CX is a blockchain programing language based on Google’s popular Golang. CX is fully featured, as well as being deterministic and Turing-complete. But what do these terms mean? Let’s break it down

Fully Featured. Essentially, this means CX can be used to develop anything that could be developed using a traditional programming language such as C++ or Golang.

Deterministic. This means a CX program, when given a particular input, will always produce the same output regardless of the machine on which it is running, or the point in time at which it is run.

Turing Complete. A language is said to be Turing complete if it can compute anything computable, or solve any solvable computational problem, given enough resources.

Compiled languages convert readable source code into binary code that runs on a computer. Interpreted languages send the source code to the computer, and the computer translates the code into binary at runtime. By supporting both options, CX gains the speed and memory efficiency of a compiled language, while also offering the flexibility of an interpreted language.

And because CX uses syntax very similar to Golang, there are already a multitude of experienced programmers who can quickly start developing powerful games and applications using CX.

On the Skycoin network, every application is given its own dedicated blockchain, and the number of transactions per second within each chain is theoretically infinite (depending on how much hardware the application owner wishes to dedicate to that purpose).

CX for Gaming

Skycoin CXFX Graphics/Gaming Engine

Skycoin’s CX platform is also making significant advances in the gaming world. The very first CX video game, released in 2018, was a simple Pac Man clone. This was soon followed by a Flappy Bird clone. Additional games now include Snake, Brick Breaker and Casino (Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Dice). But it has been the recent release of the graphics and gaming engine CXFX that has attracted the most attention in the industry. Skycoin is now the only blockchain platform with an integrated graphics engine, capable of the stunning real-time 3D imagery depicted above (and those are just early trials).

The objective of CXFX is to streamline game development by allowing developers to focus on creative design, rather than having to write the basics from scratch every time. The ultimate goal is to have a WYSIWYG game editor similar to Unity.

As developers become more familiar with CX and its range of powerful libraries, there’s no doubt we’ll soon see an influx of impressive CX games running on the Skycoin blockchain.

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