Wado – How Your Shoe Choice Can Fight Global Warming

What does Wado do?

Wado makes shoes but it does so with a wide ranging impact.

Meghalaya state in Northern India is the wettest place on Earth. The NGO We Forest is working to restore its forests to their former strength. We Forest is doing this as part of a confederation of 10 indigenous governments and 62 local villages. One external partner they have is Wado, a Barcelona-founded, Portugal-based shoe company. How can a shoe company contribute to reforestation efforts?

Wado has made an undertaking to plant two trees for every pair of shoes purchased. In addition to this, We Forest is also tackling some of the drivers of deforestation. Fuel efficient stoves and rice cookers are being provided in order to discourage the use of charcoal. Sustainable development is being encouraged in order to remove the reliance on the trees as a source of income.

You can see where your trees are planted thanks to this collaboration. Geotagging technology means that you are able to confirm that the NGO has carried through on their promise, a question that holds so many people back when giving to charities and NGOs. The map available on their website reveals the areas of focus, the parts of the forest that have been uprooted for the sake of charcoal mining and quarrying.

Deforestation and Wado’s “Gamechangers”

This is all part of Wado’s focus on “Gamechangers”: someone who carries out small actions that contribute to a better world. Someone who is willing to begin a transition to a more sustainable lifestyle and inspire others around them to do the same. This is important. We can contribute to the planet’s wellbeing in more concrete ways that just putting the right items in a recycling bin.

The burning of fossil fuels and deforestation is destroying our atmosphere. We are destroying our forests and woodlands at a rate of 18.7 million acres per year. Beyond their function as oxygen recyclers, trees and woodlands are home to a great many plants and animals. They are vital to the planet’s biodiversity and the maintenance of our food chains.

The environment is in dire straits. Recently, the EU have set goals for global energy reform by 2030. One of the these is the reduction of greenhouse gases. However much we move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources, we still need to halt deforestation and start pumping oxygen back into the environment. By buying Wado and inspiring others around you to take similar initiatives, you can help achieve these goals and make tomorrow a safer world.

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