Update from Turkey – Solar Bankers

Solar Bankers team traveled last week to Turkey to follow up on its ongoing projects. The team successfully set some very important milestones towards the opening of a manufacturing facility and the completion of its pilot project in the country.

Meeting at the Ministry of Renewable Energy

The Solar Bankers team was invited to the Ministry of Renewable Energy, Ankara, to discuss its manufacturing project. During this meeting, the company was granted full support from the local ministry, being labeled as a strategic investment from the Turkish government.

Solar Bankers team at the Ministry of Renewable Energy in Ankara, Turkey

Meeting at the Ministry of Trade

The Solar Bankers team was also received by the Ministry of Trade in Ankara. Dr. Maragliano and Mr. Jost presented the company’s manufacturing project in front of a team of experts. After an in-depth technical discussion, Solar Bankers project was deemed eligible to receive an investment certificate, which will grant the company a credit line from state banks for a minimum of 60% of the total project cost.

Solar Bankers team at the Ministry of Trade in Ankara, Turkey

Solar Bankers opens new branch in Turkey

Solar Bankers opened a new branch in Izmir, Turkey. The company, Solar Bankers Turkey, has its headquarters at the Technopark, a research institute located 40 km away from the city of Izmir.

Picture of the exterior of Solar Bankers Turkey offices

Progress on the Energy-Trading Platform pilot test

In the same location, Solar Bankers is installing its first pilot project of the energy-trading platform.

Two buildings in the Technopark (see below picture) have been successfully connected to form a micro-grid system. Each building will be equipped with a 2.4 kW solar installation and a 10 kWh storage unit (battery pack). Energy production and consumption will be monitored using smart meters. The smart meter database will be integrated with Solar Bankers’ energy trading platform to allow energy trading (exchange) between the two buildings.


Check out our progress via our BlockDelta profile page.


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