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The bear still has claws. Many investors have been freshly gouged by the great bear market of 2018. The latest sell off has spared few projects. There is ample speculation as to the cause of the latest crypto crash. Could it be one last chance for those fabled institutional investors to fill their bags before a major bull run? Is it the result of the SEC’s continued negative disposition toward the space? With the impending Bakkt platform launch in December/January a potential catalyst for a rally, it’s worth seeing how the latest market movements have affected the top 8 currencies.

crypto crash


Bitcoin started the month of November trading at approx. $6400. The recent sell off has seen it sustain heavy losses. A Bitcoin is now likely to cost you just $3800.


Ripple has been one of the better performers through the recent crash. At the start of November, off the back of recent good news a single XRP cost approx. $0.45. Recent trading has pushed it down to the $0.35 range.


2018 has been nothing short of a disaster for Ethereum as it has lost it’s long held number 2 spot to Ripple. November hasn’t been kind to the project either driving prices down significantly from $200 to $120.

Bitcoin Cash

Some commentators are blaming Bitcoin Cash hardfork for just about every woe in the cryptoverse. The market seems to agree as Bitcoin Cash original (yes, this is getting confusing!) has dropped from $440 to a mere $180.


The Stellar Lumens project has traditionally been a coin that outperformed others in times of sell offs. Unfortunately for hodlers this has not held true for this crypto crash. The price dropped first from $0.25 to the long held resistance mark at $0.18. It has now broken that resistance and consequently plunged quickly to $0.14.


2018 held so much promise for EOS but a botched mainnet launch and subsequent lack of real positive news has seen the price fall and fall this year. Now trading at just $3.22. If you still believe you don’t truly own EOS but merely hold it for the next generation it might be time to stock up as we near all time lows.


Charles Lee must look back at the day he sold his Litecoin as the best decision he ever made. A single LTC is going for just $30 now. A mere 10% of the price at the height of the late 2017 bull run.


Cardano boasts a strong community and impressive technological development. Sadly this has not been enough to arrest the slide during the latest crypto crash. The current price of $0.03 is less than half of what the project started the month trading at.

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