Top 5 Eco-Tech Products for Your Home

Change starts at home. It’s easy to point at waste that we see taking place around us but it’s harder to look at ourselves and our habits. It’s even harder to change them. Thankfully, tech and modernity are doing what they’ve always done: make it easier for us. So, without further ado, here are five products to make your home more eco-friendly.

Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant

The Phyn Plus keeps an eye on the nooks and crannies of your plumbing. By measuring the water pressure of your system a staggering 240 times a second, it keeps a constant eye on your plumbing. From dripping taps to potential leeks, the Phyn Plus keeps your house in check even when you’re away. If there’s a plumbing cataclysm, the Phyn Plus will shut off the whole system. It might set you back quite a bit ($850) but, ideally, it should offset costs down the line.

rOcean Smart Water Filter

Every year, Americans will use 50 million plastic bottles. The bottles end up in landfill… or the ocean. This is where rOcean comes in. This device not only cuts out the need for single use water bottles but also filters, flavors and carbonates your water. Not only preventing plastic from needlessly entering the environment, it also filters out microplastics and prevents plastic from needlessly entering you.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Heating your home is one of the biggest expenses you encounter as a homeowner. There is a whole art around the economy of heat in the home. Everyone has their own clock settings or only turn the heating on when absolutely needed. Ecobee’s smart thermostat helps us with this, with room-to-room monitoring and now with additional Alexa functions. It can even order your groceries.

EatSmart Precision Power Battery Free Bathroom Scale

Ok, maybe weighing scales aren’t the biggest consumers of electricity. That doesn’t mean the EatSmart scales are not of engineering nerd interest. Powered by magnets rather than batteries, the scale is still pretty high-tech, with an LED screen and two differnet measuring units. It is the small things that make the difference!

Watts Modular Power Cell

With city living becoming denser and denser overtime, modular is the word of the day. The trend to be ergonomic and customisable is washing through industry and products and here it is for energy units. Watts combine the ease of smaller energy storage units with the sheer power of a larger bank of cells with its modular power cell. Taking energy from solar power, it can power everything from your devices to your home and will even pump excess energy back into your grid, saving your money on your next bill.

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