About Us

Tokoin is a blockchain technology-based platform that establishes identity and reputation of MSMEs as an acceptable credibility scoring for suppliers and financial institutions. Tokoin provides digital infrastructure to build Digital Business Identity. Set of data containing KYC process, routine transactions, behavior records are stored in the Decentralized Ledger.

Value Proposition

  1. Build a Digital Identity for MSME that represents a valid reputation.
  2. Accommodate MSME to utilize their data in a Digital Ledger to create more funding opportunity.
  3. Provide growth opportunities for MSME by bringing business partnership.

Problems That We Want to Solve

  1. High Barriers to Funding Financial inclusion is still low in emerging markets, in most cases MSME are not able to fulfill loan requirements. While in fact MSME are the dominant form of business entities, they started business with quite small funding and operating with limited facility.
  2. Difficulty in scaling up
    Most MSME do not produce enough to take advantage of economies of scale. They also have low order volumes which means they hold little leverage with suppliers and do not receive volume discounts. This results in higher production and transaction costs compared to large enterprises.
  3. The Absence of Business Support
    MSME is trapped in a cycle of high costs, minimal financial support, and stiff competition. At the root of this cycle is a lack of trust from institutions which should have been able to support the MSME to sustain and grow.

Our Solution

  1. Credibility That Opens Access to Funding
    Tokoin provides the technology infrastructure to generate data utilization in the form of digital asset that secures their credibility that complies to the standard of the bank funding requirement.
  2. Scaling Up by Access to Expansion Opportunities
    TOKOIN utilizes data record in the blockchain network as a valid metric for business reputation. In other words, this reputation will be built on the MSME’s buying behavior in trading activities and this information will become an important part of the MSME’s profile.
  3. Leveraging Business Profile as Reputation
    Tokoin platform gives MSMEs the infrastructure to establish a reputation profile, by assembling the non-financial data from MSME such as data submitted in the KYC protocol to develop into the Digital Business ID.


MSME, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises are the core of the Tokoin ecosystem. To start using the Tokoin platform, MSME will generate their business account as the Digital Business Identity. These business records are processed in a Digital Business ID.

The ecosystem serves partners as the data user. Financial Institutions, Suppliers, and Service Providers obtain the transaction information stored in the Tokoin ecosystem for their business purposes. Industry player's data users can embrace a wide range of use and benefit from the data obtained such as; client appraisal to scout potential clients, market prediction and product dispersion possibilities, market characteristics and many other tailored usage based on their criteria. Partners also contribute to the ecosystem by staking the TOKO token to access the data from MSME.

The data demands come from Tokoin partners, Such as:
  • Financial Institution: Banks and Multi Finances
  • Suppliers: Brand companies, logistic partners
  • Service Providers: Property agent, advertisers, Research company

Key People

Use Cases

1. Loyalty System: User earns points to make transaction

2. Group Buying : Users are able to get a lower price through aggregated buying

3. Market Research : Sellers and suppliers as business partners are able to do market research with lower research cost

4. Lending Marketplace : Credit scoring & user profiles to funding applications

5. Business Solutions Marketplace: Partners can ask for qualifying user profiles that meet their customer / partnership criteria.

White Paper

Technology reduces time and space, that’s why businesses are always advancing their process using technology, developed the distributed ledger of transaction which works as a platform to facilitate the distribution of information between the participants by creating a distributed database. The data information that is distributed in the Blockchain has transformed into a valuable asset and Blockchain acts as a system that secures data.

We aim to make important positive development to manifest the financial inclusion. With the proposed ideas and approach to utilize data distributions for credit scoring and business growth, Tokoin aims to bring an elevation in the economic growth by leveraging and sustaining MSME as the powerful driver of a country’s economy in the emerging market.

To view the Tokoin white paper, please click here

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