“Smartest Human” version 2.0

What is an Artificial Intelligence?

When a computer controlled robot performs tasks very often associated with intelligent beings, it is the evolving ability called Artificial Intelligence (AI). The term on-hand refers to the deal of designing a robotic component that will have the ability of human intellectual characteristics, a potential to transform everything from transportation to cloud computing.


Intelligence means something that every lively creature having 6 senses possesses. Is that all? No. I’ve heard people saying even the simplest human behavior is determined to be intelligence but some of the most complicated insect behavior is not.

Lemme elaborate with an example how Corolla spider is intelligent in its own way. The spider first makes a hole in the field it in where it can hide itself so not to be seen from the surface. It then collects quartz pebbles and places it all around the perimeter of the whole in the sand. After getting in the hole, it spins a web string from each quartz pebble to itself below the surface where the other insects cannot sense it is hidden. The trap is all set now. When an insect touches one of the quartz pebbles approaching the trap, it transfers the vibration to the spider that is spun to the other end of the web where it jumps outta the hole in a fraction of second to enjoy its pray. Intelligent right?

Evolution of AI

With the question “can a computer cogitate and react like humans do?”, thus evolved the raise of Artificial Intelligence.  John McCarthy was the first one to coin the word Artificial Intelligence. It was intentionally found to create an expert system where the system exhibits an intelligent behavior in learning, demonstrating, explaining and advising the users. Also to implement human intelligence in machine that can understand, think, learn and also behave like human.

Some facts on AI


Most of the people prefer AI with the sound of a female voice. Let’s think of Siri.  Off-course, Siri is the most important thing to happen to mobile in this decade so far with its ability of figuring out what you mean based on your context either you say something technically or literally something meaningless. This is one of the Holy Grail of Artificial Intelligence.

Emotions finder

AI robots can recognize emotions through human body language and the tone of voice, Kismet being the first among, a robot being built in the late 1990’s.


Get to know about a robot that fixed itself after notching its performance had dropped after losing 2 of its 6 legs without knowing what the problem was. Yes! The method was named “Trial and Error”. It seems to be finding out of the best way to reach a desired result or a correct solution by trying out one or more ways and eliminating the causes of failure.

A romantic partner

David Levy, an AI University student believes that marriages between humans and robots will be made legal, not being advanced in this case at the moment.

“Smartest human” version 2.0

It is believed that in 2013 AI was about the same intelligence as a 4 year old and will have the same intelligence level as an adult human by 2029.

Hope you’ll know CAPTCHA, a short for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Now, see the “smartest human” version 2.0



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