Six Ways Skycoin Technology Will Transform Video Gaming

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Skycoin CX and the Skycoin Fiber blockchain platform are set to disrupt the video game industry for many years to come

The impact of blockchain technology on the video game industry is likely to be one of the biggest talking points of 2020 and beyond. As game developers strive to stand out from the crowd, one way to achieve this will be to incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency support into their products.

The Skycoin CX programming language, together with the Skycoin Fiberblockchain platform, offer the most powerful and comprehensive solution for developers who wish to leverage this groundbreaking new technology. And gamers are the ideal audience, because they’re already accustomed to making online payments, and they understand the value of digital assets.

So let’s examine some of the ways in which Skycoin Fiber and CX can enhance the gaming experience.

1. Permanent Storage of Virtual Assets

Preserving digital items on an immutable ledger guarantees permanent safe storage. Wallets on a Skycoin Fiber blockchain are unhackable, meaning as long as you keep your private key safe then nobody will ever be able to steal your assets (not even the game developers). They’re yours forever until you decide to sell or trade them.

2. Proof of Rarity

Public ledgers will enable game developers and players to create or customize digital items, list them for sale, and most importantly, prove their scarcity. The blockchain doesn’t lie — if there are only ten Magic Crystal Swords listed, then that’s all that exists. Evidence of rarity is the reason why some unique Skycoin KittyCash digital cats have traded for thousands of dollars.

A selection of unique Skycoin KittyCash digital cats

3. Increased Value of Digital Goods

Digital Exchanges will make the trading of non-fungible digital assets easy and safe for everyone. It will even be possible to trade objects that exist in one game with different objects from another game. The Skycoin DEX will enable trading of virtual goods in the same way users trade Skycoin and Bitcoin today. This opens up trading to a much wider audience, thereby increasing the value of these digital items.

4. Establishment of Virtual Economies

By giving permanence and value to digital assets, the door is opened to the establishment of virtual economies in which players can use their gaming experience to earn real-world money. For example, a player with a high enchantment skill could craft desirable rare items and then trade them at a premium price for fiat or digital currencies on the Skycoin DEX.

5. Cross-platform Characters and Items

The Skycoin Fiber blockchain will make it possible for gamers to use their items and characters across multiple game environments. Game developers who were previously in competition with one another will instead be able to work together, creating parallel universes in which digital assets can be transferred seamlessly between virtual realms.

6. Micro-transactions for Easier Monetization

The ease with which users can make micro-payments using Skycoin or Coin Hours will give developers new ways to monetize games. Subscriptions could begin and end instantly, with fees charged on a per-second basis, allowing gamers to only pay for the time they spend playing. And fast, zero-fee in-game transactions will enable thousands or millions of inexpensive items to be bought and sold quickly, delivering a reliable cash flow for developers.


Blockchain gaming will blur the boundaries between real and virtual worlds, giving permanence, value, security and flexibility to digital assets.

Developers are already building the first generation of games and apps on Skycoin CX. If you’d like to get involved, then you might begin by reading Skycoin’s comprehensive CX programming manual.

You can also join the General Skycoin Development Group on Telegram, or the CX Game Development Group, or the CXFX Development Group. You can even join Skyfleet Academy to hone your skills.

So why not put your creativity to work. Join us today, and start building the next-generation of cutting-edge blockchain games and applications using Skycoin CX!


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