Rotharium strikes the right Aura with new Austrian Food Start-Up.

Rotharium strikes the right Aura with new Austrian Food Start-Up.

Rotharium has continued its impressive association with numerous Food related businesses in Central Europe with its latest client, ‘Aura Delikatessen’, an Austrian start-up in Strasshof an der Nordbahn (Hauptstraße 199), which sells exquisite Croatian (mainly Istrian) delicacies via direct marketing.

‘Aura’ has grown already from a small self-caterer into a family business – the recently opened store contains top products of the highest quality to everyone’s taste – whether exquisite Croatian Prosciutto, cheese, seafood, truffles, jams, fruit brandies or liqueurs. The excellent olive oil, as well as the “Biska-Extra-Brand”, which is made from white-berry mistletoe, only collected from apple trees, shall also be mentioned here. The products have already been established as special brands and have also received international awards for their high quality.

Rotharium Food Tracing, which has been featured on BlockDelta throughout 2018, is a product of Crypto Future GmbH, an IT service provider based in Vienna. The Rotharium Food Tracing App is a blockchain-based application for food traceability. The mobile app allows you to store all transport and logistics data in a forgery-proof way by the help of the special character of the blockchain-technology. The Blockchain is independent of server systems and stores data decentralized – eliminating the possibility of manipulation of almost any kind.

With the Rotharium Food Tracing app farmers can quickly and easily set up their agricultural business and define their produced products. Users of the App generate a QR code, which is assigned to the certain products and allows both producers and consumers to receive the data on their mobile phones by using a QR code scanner.

The advantages of such an application can be demonstrated especially in Austria – as no other country in the world has such high standards in the field of food production. The Rotharium Food Tracing app supports producers in meeting these criteria on the one hand and gives consumers the certainty that they have acquired only the best quality on the other hand.

Unfortunately, current processes and technologies do an inadequate job of tracing the source of origin across the food supply chain ecosystem from farm to fork. Rotharium addresses this problem and provides an effective solution.

Watch this space for additional exciting developments with Rotharium in the coming weeks.

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