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Rotharium has featured heavily in the news recently. The project has bucked the trend of too many 2017 ICOs and delivered rapidly, above and beyond, it’s whitepaper promises. It has a been whirlwind month for the project. Starting with the EBI ERP Interface roll out at Gitex Dubai to the exciting announcements regarding the Rotharium Platform & Wallet. Their latest update is possibly the most exciting yet. They have unveiled the first details of their Rotharium Food Tracing product. This was not featured in the whitepaper which speaks to the endeavour of the team.

The premise of any food tracing product is simple – food fraud costs an estimated $30-40 billion dollars in the USA alone each year. Food fraud is the practice of misrepresenting the contents of retailed food stuffs. The most alarming example being the horsemeat scandal that swept through the EU a couple of years back. In that instance pork and beef products were found to in fact consist of horsemeat. It is unrealistic to expect every last food item to be subjected to deep testing to establish what it is made up of. The solution should put the power in the hands of the consumers. Once consumers knew the products that might contain horsemeat they stopped buying.

Rotharium Food Tracing

Rotharium Food Tracing

Rotharium are committed to creating transparent business processes and the food industry is a good place to start. Consumers care where their food comes from. At present, we must trust that the labelling written by the producer is accurate and correct. What if we could see a publicly available history of the journey our food had taken to the supermarket shelf? What if we could trace the food on our plate back to the field it was grown in?

Rotharium Food Tracing allows producers to register their farm, add imagery, define and upload products as well as print labels. The magic is in the label, it produces a QR code which can be scanned by a consumer. Upon scanning the QR code the consumer’s device will display the registered history of the product.

Adoption is the biggest challenge for blockchain products. With regard to Rotharium Food Tracing the hope is that consumers desire for an informed food purchase will drive them to only purchase items that contain the labels outlined above. Consequently, this will have the knock on effect of driving producers to adopt more transparent business processes.

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