Rotharium Blockchain Verified Fish Products – From Adria to Austria!

Blockchain Verified Fish Products – From Adria to Austria!

We know that selected wines and other top products are already part of the Rotharium Food Tracing  success story, however, the blockchain project is now pleased to announce that their app also offers their services to the fish industry!

Rotharium, the food tracing App from Crypto Future, has recently been in the mainstream blockchain news due to their successful partnerships with wine growing dynasties, ‘good food’ organisations and the farming community. This progression into the fish industry marks another milestone for the fast expanding project.

Using Blockchain traceability, fish caught within the past 24 hours have been delivered to Austria for the first time – just in time for Good Friday. The fish (gilthead seabream and sea bass) were caught at 6am yesterday at the ‘Fonda Fish Farm’ in Portorož, Slovenia, and were immediately sent on their way to its destination. The blockchain entries and the creation of the QR codes took place yesterday at 07:31:58 and 07:36:02 CET. Below you will find the links to the product batches and blockchain entries:

Product batches and the corresponding blockchain entries

Batches on Rotharium Food

Gilthead seabream Easter Week 2019:

Sea Bass Easter Week 2019:

Entries in the Ethereum Blockchain

Gilthead seabream Easter Week 2019:

Sea Bass Easter Week 2019:


Witness a new blockchain marvel!

The exclusive delivery of the Blockchain verified fish can be picked up today on Good Friday from 11:00 – 13:00 at “Aura Delikatessen” in Strasshof an der Nordbahn (Hauptstraße 199). Buyers and other curious people should arm themselves with their mobile phones or tablets. Please feel free to stop by at the “Aura Delicatessen” shop to test the Rotharium Food Tracing App on site – it will instantly show you all data about the fish on Rothariums website or the corresponding blocks stored on the blockchain.


“Our mobile app is not tied to a specific segment, it’s aimed at all food producers who want to display their products and production facilities in a fast and transparent manner within just a few minutes,” says Crypto Future CEO Tomislav Matic. After logging in (also via Facebook), you can create your company profile and define the associated products with just a few clicks. The use of the app is free of charge – but if you want to use all functions, you can become premium member. In that case, simply contact the Crypto Future team via  – after activation, you can generate a QR code for your products, print it out and attach it to the products as a sticker (“R-Food Seal”). The marked products are now stored in the Ethereum Blockchain in a counterfeit-proof and transparent way.

Android App:

iOS App:


Rotharium Food “democratizes” food traceability, because all customers can review all product data using only a QR code scanner via mobile phone or tablet regardless of the app :- products, companies and locations are instantly displayed on the website . You can also enter the additional code shown on the sticker at  and find out all the data about the labelled food and their manufacturers. The revolution: As already mentioned, all product batches labelled with the R-Food seal are also displayed on .

Welcome to the new and effective way of tracing the location of the food you eat!

Rotharium is making great progress in this area of blockchain – keep an eye out for their continued success in the coming weeks and months.

Check Rotharium out via the following links:




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