Rotharium becomes the First Token to be used in the Food Retail Sector for Payments!

Rotharium becomes the first token to be used in the Food Retail sector for payments!

It has been highlighted on BlockDelta before about the challenges faced by the Food industry (and Food chains) when it comes to the trace-ability and visibility of their products. One clear problem remains – being able to trace Food to secondary and tertiary suppliers which extend right the way back to the farm. Thankfully, this messy scenario has been alleviated to a large extent by Rotharium, the Food Tracing App from Crypto Future – a Vienna-based company specializing in blockchain-based IT solutions and additional services.

Throughout the recent past we have heard endless complaints about the utility token market and its true that there have been numerous problems. Three main areas include: 1) a lack of fundamentals/utility; 2) major overvaluation; and 3) a clear failure to tie the value of the token to its utility.

Rotharium tends to address those questions head on, they have clearly identified the problems they see in the utility token market for their sector, and seem to be in the process of solving the problem.

Lets talk about its Token usage. On July 23rd they announced the First grocery store which will accept Rotharium Crypto Token as payment. The managing director of the Lower Austrian delicatessen shop “Aura Delikatessen”, Martin Juric and Crypto Future CEO Tomislav Matic reached a basic agreement in the Vienna DC Tower. This is obviously interesting news. A delighted Tomislav Matic said “The alliance between our company and “Aura Delikatessen” could revolutionize the domestic food trade in a sustainable way. For a long time, Crypto money has been seen as frivolous, even charlatanistic. With our “Rotharium Token” we are proving the opposite today, because we are firmly convinced that the crypto economy will also dominate the food industry in the future. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our partner Martin Juric once again, who is joining us on the path to this future.”

Its important to also highlight the engagement and proactivity of the Rotharium team in the local and regional community. The Rotharium Food Tracing App was presented at the headquarters of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). “We show you what you eat” was the title of the presentation that captivated the participants, whereby Tomislav Matic succeeded in briefly and concisely presenting the product’s features.

Niko Ilic, President of UHPA (Association of Croatian Entrepreneurs) paid a visit to Crypto Future GmbH. He thus joined a group of prominent guests who were already welcomed in our company. Niko was very impressed and proposed a strategic partnership between Crypto Future and the Association of Croatian Entrepreneurs to Tomislav Matic. Further talks will follow soon.

An additional notable mention is the news that Crypto Future GmbH has a new business partner! Together with, “The Digital Farmers’ Market”, both companies seem to be on the road to a successful joint future. Theresa Imre, managing director of, and Tomislav Matic, Crypto Future CEO, have recently reached an agreement. Markta’s online shop is renowned for its extreme high quality produce without exception. Markta also wants to focus on the development of a Blockchain tracing solution to further increase the quality of the offered products. Tomislav Matic noted:

“Two companies that pursue the same goals, two pioneers who contribute a ready-made blockchain food tracing solution with a customer base of several thousand manufacturing companies. Markta and Crypto Future are perfect for a partnership – we create synergies and can thus jointly expand and consolidate our customer base. In addition, we will be able to further improve the quality of our services, which will benefit our customers and other partners in particular”.

With additional successes including the Blockchain verified Fish update in May 2019 and Blockchain verified potatoes ‘From the Marchfield to the Blockchain’ it’s clear that Rotharium means business. Their strategy is paying off… and its refreshing to see a project which is determined, proactive, has strong leadership and is making clear measurable progress!

A utility token success story – watch this space for additional updates about their incredible journey.

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