Project review: eBoost — Rising Star of Binance Dex

As per the latest “2019 Global Esports Market Report” published by Newzoo, esports market will for the first time exceed the billion-dollar revenue mark, a year-on-year growth of 26.7%. As per the report, it is estimated that global esports audience will grow in tune to 453.8 million worldwide in 2019, a YoY growth of 15 percent, and will consist of over 200 million esports enthusiasts and more than 250 million occasional viewers.

The eSports industry has changed immensely over the last few years, It all started with the launch of the new generation gaming platforms a few years ago. In good old days, a gamer had to pay a couple of $ for a game and be done with it. But the new generation of games is mainly free-to-play, but to move to advanced level a player has to spend money on extra in-game items like give your character sleek appearance or boost the in-game performance by gaining extra lives or powers, advanced weapons, better protection gear, etc.

One will be surprised to know that “League of Legends, ’ developer RIOT Games generated over 2.1 billion dollars in 2017 alone, just by selling in-game items. These Champion skins, ward skins, profile images and other emotes are all solely cosmetic and can be purchased through the game’s in-client store. As these platforms started to boom, so did the eSports industry.

These young, new generation, tech-savvy gamers who trade in-game virtual items share similar experiences to cryptocurrency traders. Both of them deal in digital items, face counter-party risks of trading with 3rd parties and share concerns about the security of their online wallets and transactions. Trading digital items in a fiat-centric world are slow and cumbersome, and there existed a gap for a fast and reliable option for the gamers to depend upon.

Enter eBoost !!!

eBoost, which is based out of Belize, is backed by the International eBoost Society. Co-founded by Marshall Long (Gaming Director) and Nicholas Thomas (CEO), eBoost aims to fill the lack of blockchain applications in the Esports industry through the seamless integration of eBoost coin (EBST) in the largest gaming communities and mobile gaming.

EBST is designed to be used for player-to-player gaming sites that accept EBST as a mode of payment for the in-game items. It allows competitive gamers to trade in-game items or to purchase game boosts and trade between players. Unlike other projects that have a whitepaper to show, eBoost has already integrated with Trade Central Wallet, one of the Discord’s largest trading server which will allow coin holders to exchange eBoost for in-game assets. Yes !! eBoost is already making its splash.

Latest developments

The most significant development that happened in the past few months is the listing of eBoost into Binance dex. Binance DEX as you know is the decentralized order-matching engine powered by Binance Chain. This listing will allow eBoost tokens (EBST) to be traded with Binance token (BNB)and in future maybe open its door to Binance Exchange as well.

Another major listing eBoost community eagerly waiting is Dobi Exchange listing which is expected to go live on 25th June.

Apart from these two high profile listing, eBoost is currently running two attractive trading competitions. One is with Binance DEX which will help the traders to share 100,000 ALA among the Top 50 BNB wallets proportional to the volume of EBST traded.

The second one is with tradesatoshi exchange starting from 1st July, in which traders got a chance to share 200,000 EBST tokens.

Sounds fun.!!!! What are you waiting for then?

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