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    Instars Provides the Success in your Cryptocurrency Adventure

    Instars, the earn free cryptocurrency platform is steadily continuing to provide a great example of working blockchain adoption.   The industry boom in 2017...

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    INSTAR Continues Progress- Now Listed on Block’tivity Top Ten Transactions

    Being listed on Block’tivity is a tremendous achievement, as it shows the potential of INSTAR that fellow crypto enthusiasts are now beginning to increasingly...

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    Reasonable Bitcoin Price Predictions — You Decide

    Bitcoin has been on a slump in the past couple of months. Many investors and traders fear the outcome of this continuous downward trend....

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    The General Principles of Margin Trading

    Simply stated- margin trading is just trading using loans. The gains that are estimated from trading, by the borrower, are leveraged for investors to...

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    Are You Using A Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange?

    With the recent hack of Japanese crypto exchange Zaif, the time for increased and impenetrable security is greater than ever. This article examines why...

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