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    10 Must-Read AI Books in 2020

    Whilst we can all be consumed by the quick YouTube video or blog article for learning, sometimes it's nice to get engrossed into a...

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    The AI Companies Fighting COVID-19

    The AI field has rallied to answer the call for aid on COVID-19, with many companies adapting and developing their products and services to...

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    The Isolation Insight – Top 50 AI Articles, Papers & Videos from Q1

    Many of us are stuck indoors and looking for digital content to help us through this period. That said, there are hundreds of thousands...

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    DL Explained – How Netflix uses AI to Predict Your Next Series Binge – 2020

    Wait, how did Netflix know I wanted to watch that? Spooky... right? Well, not exactly. Through the use of Machine Learning, Collaborative Filtering, NLP...

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    Top AI Resources – Directory for Remote Learning

    Top AI Resources Directory We find ourselves in somewhat of a strange time at present. With travel suspended, schools out (in some instances), conferences cancelled...

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