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Bitcoin Price Action

In this article, I will highlight several findings that have helped our firm establish an edge over the market, especially when it comes to...

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Bitcoin, Where is Support???

After losing some 15% in value of the course of 1 day, Bitcoin is now trading at a new yearly low. What are the...

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Altcoin Market Cap – What To Expect.

Overview:  The Altcoin Market Cap is showcasing several cascading reversal formations. Observing the index chart, as of current it is safe to assume that a bullish...

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Bitcoin, Momentum Showing Direction

Bitcoin, Momentum Showing Direction In Depth Analysis . After having traded in a constricted and extended range for nearly 3 months, Bitcoin is starting to move...

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UPDATE : Altcoin Market Cap Analysis (Recap)

Post Decline It is no secret that since May 5th of 2018 the Market Cap has been in decline. Some even declared August price action...

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