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The Connection Between Debt, Gold and Bitcoin.

The amount of negative-yielding debt in the world is going parabolic.There’s a correlation between negative interest rates and safe-haven assets.Although asset prices have been...

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Steemit & Dtube: Social Networking, Blogging, and Video Sharing in the Blockchain Era

Mainstream social media networks have devised an ingenious yet insidious business model. It involves having users generate content and data that then gets collected and...

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Bitcoin is Dead as a Doornail – All Crypto Will Soon Go to Zero and Beyond?

      “Bitcoin is dead” again amongst a record number of new user wallets, institutional investors preparing to enter the market, and substantial price...

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Top 7 Cloud Security Threats You Need to be Ready for in 2019

As we approach the end of the second decade in the 21st century, more and more of our virtual world is moving to the...

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3 Reasons to Use a Crypto Social Network

Blockchain-based social media platforms will overtake all other forms of social media in the future. This concept applies to all sorts of things. You...

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