“Locus Chain” Successfully ‘Achieved the Coexistence of Decentralization and Scalability’

The future blockchain that does not slow-down the speed with limitless increase in the number of users

Pre-registration is Open in the Official Website.

Bloom Technology, the company behind Locus Chain’s development, plans to carry out the first public test of the next-generation blockchain Locus Chain. It concurrently demonstrates perfect decentralization and scalability without slowing down the speed even with mass-scale use in practicality. The ‘resolution for the dilemma of decentralization and scalability’ is essential to overcome for the mass-scale use of blockchain which none of the existing blockchain projects was able to propose. As a result, Locus Chain’s Public Test will hold a huge significance in the field of blockchain technology.

Locus Chain is expected to be one of the most leading projects out of the currently existing blockchain source technology. It will reveal the world’s first technology that implemented the BFT consensus, which is the deterministic consensus method, on the DAG type AWTC (Account Wise Transaction Chain) ledger structure, and its ability to satisfy decentralization and scalability (the element that should not experience performance degradation even during mass-scale use) simultaneously.

Participants during the test can experience the high speed of the AWTC (Account Wise Transaction Chain) ledger structure-based in Locus Chain by generating the wallet address and transferring coins. Since Locus Chain’s node is light to the point that it can be used on any low specification PCs anyone who participates in the test can easily download and operate it. With Locus Chain, experience the exclusive technology called Verifiable Pruning that prevents the ledger size from increasing, and check the scalability in which the transaction processing time does not slow down even when the users and transaction requests increase endlessly. Also, after uploading the document on Locus Chain and generating the proof (certification required for verification), the entire ledger size becomes maintained into an extremely small size by pruning the data. It is also possible to rapidly validate whether the old data has been forged and/or manipulated.


Technical Director, Young Hyun Joo revealed his strong ambition by saying, “Although this test is a version that does not include the optimization, it means a lot as it is the first test that allows participatants to directly operate Locus Chain. It is a chance to experience the outstanding decentralization, scalability and ground-breaking technology called Verifiable Pruning, that only Locus Chain has achieved. A practically usable public blockchain in the mass-scale environment will be produced with the addition of the Sharding. Then, Locus Chain will lead the world’s blockchain technology in the high-tech intensive field of the public blockchain. Locus Chain will play a key role to cause the explosion of the credit revolution in this era.”

Sign-up for this test through the pre-registration link (https://locuschain.com). More technological updates can be viewed on Locus Insight (Locuschain.com/ko/social). Last month, Locus Chain launched ShareB, a blockchain-based open-type rewarding application, on Google Play. ShareB shares various blockchain-related information and allows users to earn points by reading news articles and sharing them to friends. Rewarded points can later be exchanged into Locus Coins. Participate in Locus Chain Public Test and earn rewards through ShareB.


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