KuCoin Spotlight’s Fifth Round Completed in SECONDS – Tokoin Reaches All-Time High 9x Upon Trading

The long wait is over – the global crypto community welcomes the launch of the KuCoin Tokoin Spotlight program, as the IDG-backed cryptocurrency exchange has introduced the Spotlight token sale with Tokoin (TOKO) on 23rd August. Tokoin team is proud to have its project to be featured on the fifth round of KuCoin’s Spotlight program.

In fact, the launch of the of Tokoin (TOKO) Token Sale on KuCoin exchange is a topic that has been keeping crypto enthusiasts on their toes for quite some time now. Many have been eagerly waiting for the start of the sale, considering the popularity of  KuCoin exchange and the great prospects of the Tokoin project.

Tokoin (TOKO) Spotlight Launch on KuCoin

On 20th August, the token sale participation kicked-off and users were able to reserve their places for the participation in the Spotlight.

Tokoin SPOTLIGHT First Round

The SPOTLIGHT event has taken place in two rounds, with the first one being dubbed the “Lucky Ticket Admission” that commenced on the 23rd August. The total allocation of tokens for this round equaled 300,000 USD (15,000,000 TOKO). The first round of Tokoin TOKO sale was open for the users who took part in the KCS Lockup & Cashback Program and Burn Plan and held a minimum of 1,000 KCS.

In the first round, users were encouraged to submit the participation application to the reservation page before August 23, 2019, 09:59:59 (UTC+8). Each user was given a chance to win 1 ticket at most, with the allocation per winning ticket standing at 500 USDT worth of TOKO tokens. The total amount of lucky tickets was 600.

Tokoin SPOTLIGHT Second Round

The second round of Tokoin Spotlight also took place on the 23rd August, with the total allocation of tokens standing at 700,000 USD (35,000,000 TOKO). The participation in the second round, named the “Allocation Mode”, was possible for all users except for winners of the first round. 

The crypto community was given a chance to submit a participation application on the special reservation page before August 23, 2019, 09:59:59 (UTC+8). During the second round, users who held more than 300 USDT of value in token were able to partake in the TOKO token allocation. The token allocation was released on August 23, 2019, 15:00 (UTC+8).

The SPOTLIGHT was completed within seconds, reaching the hardcap target of $1,000,000.

Now that Tokoin Spotlight is completed, a lot of users are wondering how to get TOKO tokens if they did not have the chance to participate in the initial sale. For those who did not take part in the Spotlight program, there is no need to worry. KuCoin exchange has opened the trading for TOKO token on its platform, and users can get their tokens by creating an account with KuCoin and simply buying the tokens.

Tokoin Reaching ATH 9x Upon Trading

Following the successful completion of Tokoin SPOTLIGHT, the TOKO token just started trading on KuCoin exchange. That being said,  TOKO has already hit its all-time high at $0.18.

At the moment, TOKO is trading in the range of 0.0835 – 0.07 USD, with current standing at 0.085765 USD at the time of writing. The initial Spotlight price was 0.02 USD.

The price of TOKO token has increased by 14.37% in the course of the last 24 hours. Additionally, the 24-hour trading volume of TOKO on KuCoin exchange is at $288,359. All the figures have been recorded at 15:43 PM GMT, on 25th August.

What Is Next for Tokoin?

As Tokoin SPOTLIGHT was successfully completed, the CEO of KuCoin, Michael Gan, commented on Twitter:

“The 5th Spotlight project is successfully launched, KCS is back to Top 50 on CMC, and there will be one more thing…”

In the meantime, Tokoin team has a lot planned for the remainder of 2019, including:

  • Expansion of local operations to 15 Indonesian tier-one cities;
  • Launch of Data Reputation Engine, Data Visualization platform and the Partner Suite Platform;
  • Welcome 50,000 users on Tokoin’s ecosystem.
  • Expansion to Vietnamese market and the Philippines 

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