Instars Provides the Success in your Cryptocurrency Adventure

Instars, the earn free cryptocurrency platform is steadily continuing to provide a great example of working blockchain adoption.  

The industry boom in 2017 allowed people to experience the pros and cons of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Many successfully bought tokens and registered satisfactory ROI during the boom, while others realized losses due to the erratic nature of the ecosystem.

The experience thus far in the cryptocurrency journey proves to be unpredictable, rewarding, and exciting.

Because of advanced platforms, the crypto journey is now becoming hopeful. Developers have come up with platforms that allow users to enter the ecosystem without necessarily risking any of their hard-earned cash.

Platforms such as Instars are giving hope to those who would want to join the decentralized ecosystem.

Challenges Along The Way

Participating in this industry requires meticulous research as there are many variables and options to choose from. Each choice attracts its own risk. Risk is not necessarily directly proportional to reward. Sometimes those who get the best ROI invest the least in terms of time and money.

Participants in this ecosystem must know which platforms offer the best and most secure services to protect their investments. Hackers have been having a field day with a vulnerable platform, getting away with millions of dollars.

Fraudsters are also in abundance within the ecosystem. There are numerous fake websites and fake wallets which target participants who haven’t done due diligence before joining. Many ICOs ended up as scams with companies not delivering what they promised.

The challenges experienced discourage many from entering the ecosystem as they fear for their planned investments. The ripple effect of these challenges is the slow uptake of blockchain.


Instars reinvigorated the crypto industry. The platform is filled with unique features that not only help the platform itself but also the entire industry.

They have injected some much-needed hope in the industry. Through their thoughtful features, people are now able to participate in the industry without having to risk anything.

The platform offers numerous ways through which its users earn free cryptocurrency, which can then be traded for fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

Easily Earn a Passive Income in Crypto

Receipt Capture for EOS and INSTAR Rewards

Instars’ signature feature is its Receipt Capture. Receipt Capture rewards Instars users for uploading receipts that record their purchases of foodstuffs, groceries, or any other purchase they made within 24 hrs. Through Receipt Capture, users can earn free cryptocurrency daily in less than 10 minutes., free crypto, Instars, EOS, INSTAR

The platform is showing that cryptocurrency can be earned even without being as active in the ecosystem.

Survey Rewards

Another one of Instars’ feature is its tailored survey. The platform ethically collects data that is submitted by their users which, in turn, submits to those data seekers. Instars maintain a perfect balance between data needs and privacy ensuring that all are met without users’ rights being infringed in any way.

Addition features were added as the platform grew, each proving that Instars had the bigger picture in mind. The latest feature known as Receipt Capture is evidence that Instars is working to bring in as many people to the ecosystem as it can.

Refer Friends for Tokens

Instars allows for a friends referral system, where each friend successfully joining the platform, will result in the rewarding of several INSTAR tokens for the user. The referral link can be shared via several of the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Telegram and Twitter., free crypto, Instars, EOS, INSTAR

Simplicity of Use

Instars have simplified earning cryptocurrency such that anyone can earn cryptocurrency from their platform.

The platform further simplifies earning by providing a wallet where its users can keep the cryptocurrency they earned.

For those considering joining the cryptocurrency industry, Instars is the best platform to start with. It maintains simplicity while allowing its users to grow with every interaction they have., free crypto, Instars, EOS, INSTAR


To bring hope to those willing to join the ecosystem but afraid of its challenges, Instars was developed. The platform executes its mandate, accordingly, ensuring privacy and cryptocurrency reward for every interaction within its framework.

Instars are arguably the best chance anyone has of joining the ecosystem smoothly.

Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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