INSTAR Continues Progress- Now Listed on Block’tivity Top Ten Transactions

Being listed on Block’tivity is a tremendous achievement, as it shows the potential of INSTAR that fellow crypto enthusiasts are now beginning to increasingly take note.

Appearing in the top 10 is an overachievement for INSTAR, especially considering the heavy hitters they place ahead of in the list.

Ranked among the Best

To be considered as one of the best in any field, there is a lot that an entity has to get right. INSTAR’s recent ranking proves that it is on the right track in terms of planning and implementation of their products and services.

In their continuing development in the blockchain-based data services exchange platform, INSTAR surpassed the likes of DASH (DASH) which has considerably more experience in the cryptocurrency industry. ETC, LTC, DOGE, and XMR were all listed below INSTAR – cementing their position as a force to be reckoned with in the cryptocurrency space.

With the highlight INSTAR has received through its ranking, its popularity is sure to rise in the blockchain. News of its ranking above various already established projects in the industry will positively affect the trading patterns of INSTAR and influence more crypto enthusiasts to sign up for platforms run by INSTAR.

Ranking above projects with more experience in the market and associations with larger brand names and greater communities such as ETC is a clear indication of the prowess INSTAR possesses. It takes more than good products and services to rank highly in such a prestigious performance blockchain indicator- but also consistency and a desire to progress efficiently

Informing Investors

Block’tivity is an important asset in the blockchain space. Investors who are seeking to venture into new territories require some background knowledge on performance and activity of the tokens they plan to invest in. There are several ways token performance can be measured; however, Block’tivity uses a unique blend to provide results that show the actual performance of the blockchain in question.

For an investor, one of the most crucial things that have to be established before investing in a particular cryptocurrency is the activity of the blockchain it is based on. Various platforms that initially create a massive buzz are rapid to lose any significance due to long periods of inactivity especially after an initial high.

Block’tivity uses an activity matrix to determine the interactions these blockchains have. By measuring the real interaction experienced by the blockchain in a specific period, the real value of the token can then be more accurately determined. Investors can also establish the potential lifespan of the token from the activity recorded during the period of existence of the token- removing unnecessary hype and FUD

Such crucial information provided by Block’tivity makes it one of the essential platforms for investors to study and understand blockchain projects before making any commitments.

The market cap of the token is also taken into account during the ranking of the listed tokens. It wouldn’t help to invest in an active token that promises little or no return after long periods of trading.

When combined, these attributes (activity and market cap) provides the investor with a clear picture of the token they are analyzing before committing to any further actions. It prevents the ‘instant return’ trading that is often prevalent where investors buy tokens blindly because they are cheap and look promising.

Given the erratic nature of trade that has been taking place in cryptocurrency exchanges, Block’tivity rises to provide a service that is already being appreciated by investors worldwide.

Model Benchmark

From the way it handles its indexing to the reputation it has on the blockchain space, Block’tivity has proven to be a model benchmark for all aspiring token benchmarks.

Its service description and method of operation exemplify how meticulous Block’tivity’s work is, providing their clients and users with arguably among the best token ranking systems in blockchain.

Block’tivity has high potential to become the benchmark for all investors because of its reliable performance and accurate token performance listings.


Block’tivity’s clear explanation of their ranking system strengthens the ranking they award to all of their listed tokens. Its operation is clear and concise revealing the true value of the token on the market in terms of activity and market cap.

Before participating in any crypto trading as an investor, analyzing potential tokens on Block’tivity will go a long way.

INSTAR has been recording consistent and continually progressing over its course of operations, and its recognition for this is truly deserved – especially on a platform such as Block’tivity. With the momentum INSTAR currently has, the project can gain strong headwinds to rise in the ranks of the most valuable blockchain projects.

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