How to buy LX on Bitforex

In this short video you´ll see how to buy LX on Bitforex

LX is developing DApps and will become a Middleware to combine different platforms, combining them together.

It´s an omnilayer token and is paired with USDT at present. LX is self-funded and chose not to complete an ICO or Airdrops. The decision was to grow naturally and organically and not lose control to airdrop hunters or bots.

Our partnership with Sky is hugely important. It solidifies our relationship another impressive blockchain platform with its own programming language (CX which is built on golang). This advantage helps to create any application imaginable. Combining them is a key to new opportunities in the future.


If you haven´t joined us at telegram, join here ->

Enjoy the video, folks!


Stay tuned for future news. We intend to have more updates very soon!



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