Food Industry’s Appetite for Rotharium Food Tracing App continues to Grow

Food Industry’s Appetite for Rotharium Food Tracing App continues to Grow

The Food industry (and Food chains) have historically been challenged when it comes to the traceability and visibility of their products. While retailers may know which suppliers are producing a specific food product, they may not be able to trace it to secondary and tertiary suppliers which extend right the way back to the farm. In addition, the hand-off of data and knowledge across this ecosystem inherently causes complexity and latency. To put it simply, it has been quite a mess, despite the progress of modern day technology in other areas.

It was reported throughout the latter half of 2018 how Rotharium had continued to successfully deliver on their Whitepaper promise. In the first Quarter of 2019, this trend clearly seems to be continuing. The Rotharium Food Tracing App from Crypto Future – a Vienna-based company specializing in blockchain-based IT solutions and additional services – enables forgery-proof traceability of food. All logistics data such as harvest time and transport data can be stored decentrally by means of a mobile phone application using blockchain technology and are thus protected against any manipulation.

There have been a variety of success stories in recent months, including Hannes Windhaber (from Untersiebenbrunn/Lower Austria becoming the first farmer to use the Rotharium Food Tracing App) and the The Rieder-Veltlinerhof family – a well-known winegrower dynasty from Poysdorf, the “Wine Town of Austria” – becoming  the first winery to use the Rotharium Food Tracing application. With the help of this mobile app, farmers, for example, can quickly and easily set up their farms and then define the goods they produce. A QR code is then generated and assigned to the specific products or production location – the data can then be retrieved by both producers and consumers using a QR scanner. The data is then securely stored in the Blockchain – with no risk of forgery – and can be traced by the end consumer and the farmer. Any manipulation of this data is virtually impossible due to the very nature of blockchain technology. This creates a new type of quality assurance, basically a fully trustable version, and existing labels can also improve their standards further by using Blockchain Food Tracing. In addition, the app offers the possibility to increase the transparency of transport and logistics. More recently, Rotharium has established ties with ‘Aura Delikatessen’, an Austrian start-up in Strasshof an der Nordbahn (Hauptstraße 199), which sells exquisite Croatian (mainly Istrian) delicacies via direct marketing.

Globally, food is rapidly becoming viewed in the same light as pharmaceutical products. Expect the amount of regulation and scrutiny to increase further as the food supply chain becomes a more complex ecosystem. Technology such as the Rotharium Food Tracing App promises to play a key role in both educating the consumer as to what they are eating (and where it came from) and providing answers to the questions posed by governmental bodies in the modern age.

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