CryptoCamp – Toronto 2018

CryptoChicks join Crypto Camp Crew and Communicable INC at CryptoCamp taking place in Toronto, ON Thursday, November 29, 2018, at Deloitte

CryptoChicks, an educational hub for women in blockchain is looking forward to such an education packed event. CryptoChicks’ team member Konstantin Borovik will be giving a workshop in the Blockchain 101 Bootcamp on hardware wallets (cold storage) and practical security for dealing with cryptocurrencies and other members of the Toronto CryptoChicks team will be talking about the CryptoChicks blockchain education mission.


CryptoCamp aims to educate, onramp and up-skill “crypto-curious” professionals from various sectors on the blockchain technology, facilitate informed discussions, grow the community, and advance the future of blockchain technology.

This event will grow, connect, and diversify the ecosystem, filter the hype and the noise, and offer a central place for education, showing projects in progress, and having in-depth conversations about the future challenges and opportunities.

Crypto Camp is bringing together the best and the brightest of Toronto’s crypto/blockchain community, industry professionals from verticals most affected by blockchain, such as finance and legal, as well as students, technologists and startups. Here are a few speakers from the line-up:

Chris Forrester – Shyft Network
Ameer Rosic – Blockgeeks
John S Lee – Bunz / BUXA
Usman Sheikh – Gowlings
Kesem Frank – AION
Konstantin Borovik – CryptoChicks
Charlene Cieslik – Coinsquare
Ziggy Zeidan – POA Network
Alim Khamisa – HyperBlock

For full list of confirmed speakers:

CryptoChicks added to CryptoCamp Lineup

Paying It Forward

CryptoCamp us a 100%-volunteer-led event with a mandate to build and grow the ecosystem, and rely on ticket sales and sponsorships to cover the event costs. They are  committed to paying it forward – once the hard event costs are covered, any surplus will be donated to other event organizers in this city, to cover their event costs. Whether it’s a hackathon, a conference, or a meetup, community organizers should feel supported in their efforts, and so a “Community Growth Scholarship” will be awarded at CryptoCamp to the lucky recipient(s).

We look forward to seeing you at CryptoCamp!

Crypto Camp at Deloitte

Thu, November 29, 2018
8:30 AM – 6:00 PM EST
8 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 0A9

Ticket info –

Audrey Nesbitt



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