Crash! Bang! Wallop! – 4 Coins Set to Die

Perhaps the fatal flaw of crypto projects to date has been the ‘build it and they will come attitude’. The nature of ICO fundraising meant projects were raising money solely against promises of future success. In hindsight, failure was always going to inspire a crash. A major factor behind the continued bear market has been the fact that no project has enjoyed even mediocre adoption. The great platform promise of EOS and Ethereum really has not yet come to pass. Personally I am barely curious about ‘the latest dApp’ anymore. Simply presenting blockchain as a panacea for all life’s ills isn’t good enough. Crypto projects need to start identifying and vetting real pain points and solving real problems for real people. I am of the opinion that projects lacking a singular focus are not going to recover.



The project has been beset by scaling difficulties and a lack of real applicability. Sure, there are dApps but do you ever use any of them!? It’s hard to see the way back from this latest crash in price. Ethereum is no longer at the forefront technologically, has lost it’s long held #2 spot and seems to be staring down a tunnel with no light at the end.


2018 promised to be a breakthrough year for DASH. We did see some adoption in Venezuela and parts of Africa. They announced an impressive deal with cannabis outlets in the USA. However despite these promising steps DASH has not really progressed. We seem to be no closer to using Digital Cash in place of cash.


The Universa Blockchain Protocol led by the passionate Alexander Borodich promised 20’000 transactions per second and scored some impressive early partnerships, the Russian government included. The project repeatedly failed to meet whitepaper promises and subsequently published a 100 day plan culminating in a mainnet launch and token swop. 200 odd days later, no token swop.


Verge, the one time favourite McAfee shill began the year with strong gains and an ebullient online fanbase. Privacy coins do have merit as I believe we all buy things at some we would not like a record kept of. It will end the year sliding down the coinmarketcap rankings and wondering why McAfee won’t return its phone calls.

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  1. Universa mainnet has been live since April 12, 2018. “Swop” has been in a working public beta since October 6, 2018. What sort of research did you do prior to authoring this article? Any? I don’t think journalism is your forte, boyo.

  2. Universa isn’t going anywhere. It’s currently achieving over 20ktps and the SWAP has been available for months now. If you’re going to make these type of lists, keep up with the news…

  3. Not accurate, token swap already implemented and works, its limitted in porpose to low volums as a precotion, very advanced technology that is waiting for marketing and adoption, smart contract oriented with big plans in pipline!!!! A rare opertonity to invest with current bear market…


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