Can AI positively impact the Recruitment Industry?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology form that gains more attention as each month passes. Its obvious that AI is still far from having human cognitive abilities, but surprise surprise…. many modern machines can already learn, make important decisions, and think for themselves! AI gives more opportunities for the automation of processes which don’t require a high level of creativity,,, and so can be performed by a robot/machine.

AI has an innate ability to analyze big data and quickly estimate available options. Its hardly a surprise that we are seeing AI appear within the Recruitment industry in recent years. Indeed, its fair to say, AI is becoming one of the most important tech additions to the recruitment industry since email replaced those old faxed CV’s!

Chatbot’s Speeding Up The Recruitment Process

Many applicants to blue collar / lower level jobs are likely living month to month or paycheck to paycheck, and are going to take whatever job they can get using the fastest means available. Therefore, you can’t afford to have a slow recruitment process that’s delayed by the time it takes for human employees to review CV’s, contact candidates and reply to them with updates and feedback. It has been reported that integrating AI into the first stages of the hiring process has proven to increase recruiter productivity by 3.7 times.

Remember… Chatbots are there for candidates 24/7! Recruiters, especially at the early stage of the process simply cannot compete with this. Bots can easily answer questions about hours, vacations, salary and payment details.

Chatbots are also able to ask candidates all the important initial mandatory questions, such as those about legal work status, past experience and transportation needs… and process this data immediately. If the candidate is then approved, based on this formal criteria, he or she can be scheduled for an interview. If your industry is short on labour and you need a fast and effective way to review mass candidate flow… then surely this is the way to do it.

4 key benefits of using artificial intelligence in recruitment

The quality of hiring increases

Recruiter and HR professionals need to select the right people from large pools of applicants. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the whole process can be divided into several stages, automatically. Recruiters can collect more data on each candidate and so evaluate candidates more effectively. There are many AI-based solutions (as mentioned above) that help assess the skills and experience of candidates using special algorithms.

Better integration of analytics

HR managers get an opportunity to select candidates based on their skills and find a right position where abilities of a certain candidate are most needed. This new approach not only increases the productivity of business but also motivates candidates to improve their skills. In addition, AI software demonstrates a higher level of accuracy compared to human recruiters.

Automation saves time and money

Time is valuable for every company, and the recruiting industry is no exception. AI-based software only needs a few seconds to analyze big amounts of data and provide understandable results that can be considered by decision makers. Saving time, AI solutions also save money and resources.

Unbiased decisions

Like it or not, human intervention always implies a certain share of unconscious or conscious bias. Biased decisions are a common problem for all sorts of organizations, and AI solutions are able to minimize this aspect. Companies get a great opportunity to hire only the best candidates based on their real potential, as all the decisions are made taking into account data and resume only. This is a very important and effective aspect.

Conclusion – Will AI have as huge an impact as many think?

Even though Artificial Intelligence is already involved in most areas of business in the present day, recruiters are still somewhat skeptical of AI solutions. Some of them are not sure that machines are good enough to take the place of Recruiters…. and they are right. The Recruitment industry isn’t just about the reviewing of data on CV’s… it involves a human aspect, which in turn involves negotiation, highlighting additional key skills maybe not included on a CV, customer service, the provision of consultancy and advisory services from recruiter to client… along with many other ancillary services.

AI will greatly supplement the Recruitment industry and enhance efficiencies, of that there is little doubt, but its safe to say that Recruiters / Agents are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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