Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech: Something We Can All Agree On


The political climate has become very polarized. As globalization inevitably occurs, so is the onset of widespread polarized politics. The political Right seeks liberty, free from government interference, taxation, and generally fears big government. The Left seek equality, free from corporate influence on policy, wealth redistribution, and social services for the less fortunate. However, neither side is ever satisfied. The government continues to have to step in due to the unequal societal traits that have come along with global capitalism, and a growing income disparity gap. Furthermore, corporations will continue to push their agenda through paid lobbyists and directly or indirectly fund favorable politicians, skewing reality by presenting alternative sciences as fact in order to pass favorable legislation.

When you insert cryptocurrency/blockchain tech into the equation, both vulnerabilities of Left and Right policies can be addressed. Most blockchain startups seek to be decentralized and community driven. This takes away all power from the traditional hierarchy, and redistributes control to all members of the community. For example, if you have energy on a blockchain (such as projects like PowerLedger and KWHcoin), users can buy and sell excess energy based on supply and demand rather than one big utility company charging you whatever they please for essential services. This should be a conservatives’ dream, leaving prices to the free market, taking away central control from government monopolies/monopolistic-type companies. Not only does it empower the people by making them energy independent, but the deflationary attributes of cryptocurrencies give hodlers more purchasing power the longer they hodl that asset. At the same time, it is still beneficial for new users to join the network, but the earliest adopters will always benefit the most. People who simply hold onto Bitcoin and other digital assets will experience the natural gains that come with users joining, to simply use the superior aspects of a blockchain network.

The ultimate incentive for users to continue joining the blockchain industry is economic freedom. Growing faith from the public that we can store value on the Internet can potentially free us from the legacy debt-based financial system that devalues human labour through inflationary fiat currencies. Those who do not fully comprehend the potential of blockchain tech may not be aware of all the superior aspects of cryptocurrencies. When the internet first rolled out, people were weary of widespread adoption too. However, real experts in the field recognize how superior Bitcoin is compared to traditional systems that are unilaterally controlled by governments and central banks. Some of these same banks are currently behind the scenes, trying to create the next Bitcoin. For example, JPM Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon had called Bitcoin a “fraud,” but now his bank is launching its own JPM coin for elite bankers to use. Do not be fooled, there is only one Bitcoin – which is very scalable. However, there is a market for other cryptos, but the community mostly agrees that nothing will ever dethrone Bitcoin. It is widely believed that it is in the cryptocurrency communities’ best interest for Bitcoin to survive alongside other networks. We just passed the 10-year Bitcoin anniversary, and the blockchain continuously proves its robustness.

The benefits of crypto will benefit people from all walks of life. Each side of the political spectrum has very differing views. However, cryptocurrency tackles so much of the underlying corruption and unfairness in the world. It empowers the people and distributes money evenly. It is very regressive to keep dramatically changing the vision of a nation by allowing polarized parties to hold office back and forth, wasting billions of dollars. Take action by finding crypto-friendly politicians. If there is one ideology that the Right and Left can usually agree on, is Satoshi Nakomoto’s egalitarian money distribution network we call Bitcoin.

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