Big Bezos is Watching You

A patent made public on the U.S. Patent and Trademark website yesterday has yet again shed light on how Amazon is slowly on the way to enslave humanity through means of relentless innovation. The patent, which covers a technology which would use doorbell cameras to look for criminal activity, is said by Amazon to “lead to safer, more connected neighborhoods & better informed homeowners and law enforcement.”

Jeff Bezos is planning on a mass surveillance database while George Orwell is rolling in his grave; and society isn’t batting an eye.

The patent describes the entire process: Amazon will work with the government to create a database of “suspicious” people. Homeowners will have the option to add more people (such as unwanted persons) as well. Homeowners can also add people who are “welcome to trespass” such as mailmen and family members.

The ACLU has already came out against Amazon’s brilliantly scary vision, saying it is a total invasion of privacy. Funnily enough, the ACLU tested the software, and it showed that some members of U.S. Congress were labelled as criminals.

The ACLU is correct: this brilliant software is also quite evil, and needs to be monitored closely. Amazon has been interested in surveillance tech for a while now though; Amazon announced a social media platform in May called Neighbors, which is a digital neighborhood watch where residents can share information on shady local activity.

Currently, Amazon acknowledges the fact that their idea has many flaws, such as invasion of privacy and difficulty getting accurate shots of faces. Yet the fact that they see their tech as becoming reality in the near future rings like lines pulled from Fahrenheit 451.

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