Austrian Melons and Central European Agricultural Innovation.

What do Austrian Melons have to do with Central European Innovation…? Good question… The connection has more to it than meets the eye. Innovation is sprouting from the Austrian Marchfeld in a most unorthodox way… and Hannes Windhaber from Untersiebenbrunn in Lower Austria is at the forefront of this agricultural revolution.

Hannes has previously been celebrated as one of the first farmers in Central Europe to grow melons – he has made a number of headlines in his native country. More recently, his company has started marketing their fruit at Aura Delikatessen in Strasshof an der Nordbahn/Lower Austria. Aura is the first food retailer worldwide to accept the Rotharium Crypto Token for their entire product range, including Windhaber’s watermelons. These watermelons are also stored in the Rotharium Food Tracing App, making these fruits unique in a number of ways.

Rotharium Food Tracing by Crypto Future

The Rotharium Food Tracing App is an increasingly popular product of the Vienna-based IT service provider, Crypto Future GmbH. The mobile app enables farmers and food producers to quickly and easily setting up their businesses and highlight their products for sale. The highlight – producers have the ability to create stickers for a corresponding product batch, which are attached to the products. The QR code on these stickers shows consumers (who by the way, only need a QR code scanner on their mobile phones or tablets and therefore are independent of the app) all the data on the purchased product! The Rotharium Food Seal data is also transparently stored on the Ethereum Blockchain, making Rotharium an unmatched quality seal.

Alliance of bio-food pioneers

Its clear that with Aura Managing Director Martin Juric and Hannes Windhaber combining, two genuine food pioneers have found each other. Both are extremely efficient and sustainable in their work – united under the umbrella of Rotharium innovations, within which, Crypto Future GmbH has not only left its mark in the field of agriculture, but is the catalyst driving a whole new way of local, regional and global Food Tracing.

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