Artificial Intelligence – My Own Jarvis!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a tremendous milestone in  the recent past. It is mind-boggling to see how the technology is disrupting the face of this entire world. There have been significant advancements in AI applications across Industry verticals right from human labour to robots in manufacturing, bullock carts to smart tractors in agriculture, abacus to supercomputers in IT…. the examples are endless.

However, AI transformation has not gone far enough to replace the human intelligence – there is still a long way to go. Just like in Sci-fi movies with Darth Vader and Terminators trying to take over other planets, we are still far away from even the most minuscule prospect of this armageddon like possibility.

The world will experience two kinds of AI developments – Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial Personal Intelligence:

1. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): 

Currently, industry has designed AI solutions that can perform one type of a task. Right from self-driving cars, to autonomous vehicles, voice-assistants to automated data entry systems, etc. AI can outperform humans in specific functions in which they are programmed. This type of AI is also known as ‘Narrow Artificial Intelligence’ – Intelligence which is focused on a particular task.

2. Artificial Personal Intelligence (API): 

We will be entering into an era where every individual and household will be modelled with the personal armour “Jarvis” from the Marvel’s Iron Man Universe. Jarvis gives Tony Stark/Iron Man any information that he needs, fights crime, manages his estate, runs his business and does everything for Iron Man… kinda like his virtual companion.

Similarly, our personal assistant ‘Jarvis’ suit or armour will be the one who will take care of our every need. He/She will be your invisible suit available at your beck and call. You can wear your Jarvis and command him/her to take you to places, monitor your health, manage your home, kitchen, calendar, appointments, travels, shopping, things-to-do, play your favourite music, be your gym trainer, etc. You can wear Jarvis and go in your shell to relax and enjoy the temperature you want or listen to music anytime or anywhere without disturbing others.

Our personal Jarvis will be the future of AI, and we are heading in that direction concerning the advancements which the world is going to experience. What you thought or believed about Iron Man being science fiction… will now become the reality. The evolution has already begun, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has built an Iron Man style AI system… a Jarvis installed in his house which does everything for him. Likewise, Noveto and Audio bone have come up with a new audio technology which will make headphones obsolete. This technology will do what the headphones do, deliver sound right to your ears without disturbing people around you, except without the ‘headphone’ themselves. In fact, you will not need to wear any device at all. These evolution’s in technologies combined with Artificial Intelligence will give birth to our own Iron Man – Jarvis.

To summarise, the disruption is on its way, the personal JARVIS (Just Another Rather Very Intelligent System) will be the human’s ‘helpmate suit’ who will be learning everything about their individual Master’s and general requirements to perform all the tasks commanded to Jarvis. Are you ready?

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