Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Daily Life

by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

Artificial intelligence has often been a subject of fascination for the average person, but so few actually understand it and the impact it can have in their daily lives. It has the ability to cause sweeping changes to almost every area of life, and it is going to have a significant influence over the world as a whole in the near future.

Daily Routine

Many people are already familiar with personal assistants like Alexa, Siri, etc. and use them regularly. Even now, they are useful aids in one’s daily routine. However, they are going to get a lot more useful as AI becomes more sophisticated.

Once personal assistants become more intelligent, they will be able to predict one’s daily routine and usual habits to the point of being able to do a lot of it on their own. For example, in the future, Siri may well be able to order someone’s groceries for them without ever having to tell it to. Or maybe Google Assistant will detect when the oil in a person’s car needs to be changed, set up an appointment, and have it changed all by itself thanks to self-driving cars.


Speaking of self-driving cars, they have been in the news for quite some time now and have the capability of causing a huge impact on the world. Not only will basic self-driving cars be useful for the average person, but they will be even more valuable when combined with artificial intelligence.

Someday, a person’s car will know their schedule and can go pick them up from work after bringing their children home from school, all without any outside input. Commuting to and from work or school will give the owner of a self-driving car extra time for productivity while on their commute, or even a quick power nap if they’re so inclined.

It could also have a negative impact for anyone who currently works in freight shipping as they may end up without a job once self-driving cars have a sophisticated AI. This in particular is something that the media has been discussing as of late.


There is already a plethora of websites that will recommend new music, movies, etc. to a person based off of their interests. But, with AI, it will be possible for a computer to completely craft personalized media to fit a person’s specific tastes. Someone might decide they want to listen to a new album, for example, and the AI will create a new one for them in their favorite genre to listen to.

This may even create a new, niche market for “human-crafted” works for those who miss the old days before computers started writing all their favorite books.


These are just a few of the ways that artificial intelligence is going to change how the average person goes about their life, but AI is capable of changing every single facet of everyday life. Just how much of an impact it will have remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that it will affect people’s lives in a multitude of ways, and it may not be too much longer before we start seeing these effects.

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