5 Eco-Friendly Products For The Great Outdoors

Are you into hiking but don’t want to be away from your devices for too long? Are you outdoorsy but a techie at heart? Do you want to wander out into the wilderness and stay connected? If so, then these five products are for you. Even better, they won’t corrupt the environment as you pass through it.

PowerKeep 36 Pack

Featuring a 10’000mAh power bank, a usb cable and 4-panel, fold out solar power system, this is truly a force to be reckoned with. You can charge it anywhere the sun shines and if you want to just stay at home, you can charge it there as well. You can keep your devices charged when you’re out and about.

BioLite Home Stove

We all need to eat but not all of us are able to build campfires. This is where the BioLite Home Stove comes in. Tested by families in Africa, this camping stove uses only half the amount of wood a similar stove would. It puts excess energy into the LED bulb above the stove, meaning you can cook on this anytime of the day or night.

BioLite BaseLantern XL

This is the world’s first flatpack lantern, again from BioLite. A low energy app allows you to control the lantern with all it’s additional features via bluetooth. This means that you can, in addition to having light, set sleep timers, monitor your energy spending and even proximity activation. One for the campers!

Wacaco Minipresso

One commonality of office life is coffee and lots of it! Wacaco have had the good grace to allow us to bring this with us into the great outdoors. All it needs is water and coffee beans and you’ll have your favourite brew pulled together in no time. You apply the pressure with your hand, compressing the button on the front of device and hey presto! you’ve got an espresso.

Cero One

Of course, we all need to get around somehow. If you’re looking to do larger distances than a simple hike, the Cero Electric Bike is for you. Alongwith the electrification that places it far beyond the reach of electric cars when it comes to being eco-friendly, the Cero One is designed to carry cargo and is extremely customisable. Ideal for long or short cycles, the Cero is a truly wonderful machine.

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