5 Altcoins To End 2018 With A Profit

Extreme market volatility in early 2018 has given way to unprecedented stability in recent months. We are still in the trough of a long bear run. Consequently, there are many under priced altcoins projects out there. These represent a real chance to make a profit and end a tough 2018 in the green! The altcoins highlighted here represent solid projects with demonstrable development and traction to date.


Altcoins to watch out for


VeChain continues to be an undervalued project. It has partnerships with Renault, BMW and Koehne & Nagler. VeChain have launched their own blockchain network and burned their antecedent ERC-20 token. VET is a available at $0.012, significantly down on its 3 month high of  $.019. VeChain is enjoying continued adoption if videos like this are anything to go by! In terms of development, partnerships, team and adoption Vechain is among the top altcoins.

Basic Attention Token

There have been a number of positive announcements regarding BAT of late. Primarily the release of an updated version of Brave and a listing on Coinbase Pro. The price of BAT rocketed on the back of these announcements. The price went from $0.17 to $0.37 before tumbling back to down to $0.26. This recent correction to the mid twenty cent range represents a real opportunity. Speculation is rife that a Coinbase listing will follow the Coinbase Pro listing. This would establish BAT as one of the leading altcoins out there.


Rotharium is a cryptocurrency token by Crypto Future GMBH, an Austrian cryptocurrency company set up in 2017 (its owners have been in the blockchain space since 2013). They aim to be a gateway into blockchain for businesses by facilitating integration with existing apps. The release of the Rotharium ERP Blockchain Interface (EBI) as part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the first instance of this.

Rotharium was recently listed on Cryptopia and showed a 75% gain on the days trading. The price has corrected back to the mid $4 range since. With a supply of less than 4 million tokens and new product announcements due on the 14th of November, Rotharium is one to watch.


Ontology, the Chinese public platform for projects of all shapes and sizes, is a giant step toward removing barriers between the blockchain and business sector. It promises to allow businesses without previous knowledge of distributed networks to use blockchain technology. Da Hongfei, the NEO co-founder is also CEO of OnChain, the company behind Ontology. The collaboration between these two projects will be intriguing.

Ontology is trading at $1.64 currently this represents good value against recent highs in the $2.40 range. The project has strong partnerships and has enjoyed validation from the Chinese government.


TE-Food has identified food fraud as a problem blockchain can solve. It differs from many blockchain solutions in that it does not seek to provide a one size fits all solution. The project team recognise that different livestock or foodstuffs are subject to different supply chain processes. Consequently, they focus on developing a framework which enables implementation partners to quickly build custom processes and forms for different use cases.

TE-Food have over 6000 customers and 34 million individuals have purchased products that have been tracked using the TE-Food product. They are tracking 18K pigs, 200K chickens and 2.5 million eggs every day. Furthermore 10 million individuals have received training in how to use TE-Food products. This augurs well for future adoption. They also list some impressive clients including Satra Foods, Japfa and Vissan.

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