3 Projects Offering Successful Blockchain Services

Adoption is the single biggest challenge in the cryptoverse. The sweet promises of whitepapers must deliver blockchain services for mainstream adoption. We need to see real blockchain services. Certainly, it remains early days for the blockchain as a service industry but there are some trailblazers. The below projects have clarity of purpose, strong teams and have identified and defined a problem to solve. These projects have identified a market for their specific need and are offering their solution to them.

blockchain services

Blockchain Services for cross border transactions

Cross border transactions can take between 5 and 7 working days to process using traditional centralised banking processes. Ripple and their XRP token have reduced this to a mere 6 seconds. A certain win for blockchain services. Over 100 mainstream banks use their products. Consequently, Coinmarketcap ranks XRP as the third most valuable crypto project. Ripple does not engage in the ideology of cryptocurrency but rather delivers a first in class solution to a well defined problem. It has impressive levels of adoption and remains a leading light in the industry. It has also thoroughly validated blockchain as a banking solution.

Blockchain Services for Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP software market will grow to a global valuation of $41bn by 2020. ERP is a core business function that transcends industry and thus blockchain adoption for this sort of product would be a defining moment in the history of cryptocurrency. Well placed to do this is the Rotharium project. Their EBI-ERP Blockchain Interface product which includes a NAV module for immediate use in the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products is live now. They have an impressive team and a live product in partnership with Microsoft on the market within 10 months of ICO. We can expect to hear a lot more about this project in the future.(ARTICLE 1 LINK)

Blockchain Services for Social Media & Data Security

Both Alphabet and Facebook have been involved in major personal data breaches that have come to light this year. The bright promise of social media has given away to an insidious culture of profit making on adverts. And therefore, at the expense of content creators. The internet has not created an environment where the creators of the content we enjoy are fairly compensated. Basic Attention Token and their Brave browser imagine the solution as a triangle, where rewards flow from advertisers to anonymized ad viewers and to publications providing quality content. Ad viewers can also reward publications through subscriptions or one-time tips.

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